(Post 5) What Crayola

Day 3 – Koh Lanta.

We went out this evening, and if you’re in Bangalore you know the weather is so inspiring; I couldn’t wait to write today’s blog because I have a strong need to go back to nature. Even if just through this blog.

It was our last day in Koh Lanta, and you always aim for just the right amount of vacation time keeping in mind the things you plan to do, but so far we’d done nothing according to plan. Because our plan was to do nothing.

The thing about Koh Lanta is that it’s not a commercial island, and so a lot of the activities, for the lack of a better word, are unknown to visitors until you’re actually on the island. Like the Mu Koh Lanta National Park which we got to know about through a passing flyer, and you know any day spent in a national park is a great day. It was a one hour ride from our B&B and the entire road followed the coast-line so it was simply spectacular to witness.  Crayola has nothing on the blue and green hues of nature. Just look.

image1 (5)

Once there, we got to know that the national park actually consists of several islands including a rainforest and a beach-forest along the coast lines of Ko Lanta Yai and Ko Ngai. The trees that filled the walkway were unlike any I had seen before – it seemed like their roots were confused, they were growing everywhere. Park-benches nestled comfortably amidst these wonderfully confused trees, I could’ve sat there for hours.

image1 (6)

The beach itself was very rocky, and I’d seen warning signs before but I really was warned with the many we saw that day. I remember one that alerted us against approaching a particular (read: peculiar) looking fish that could electrocute us into unconsciousness. Who wants that. Those colors were mesmerizing though.

image1 (7)

We decided to explore the rainforest trail.

No more warnings so our confidence was back on. There were two different routes people were taking – one to the top of the light house and one into and around the entire rainforest. We honestly had no plans for the rest of the day, so we did both. First, to the light house. The climb itself wasn’t hard nor did it take much time, and the view was lovely. It was smaller up there than it seemed from down below, like is life sometimes, but I have a thing for run-down structures so I enjoyed letting my mind wander out on the ocean from this little light-house. So picturesque. And can you imagine the stories? Of boats and ships long gone, each with their crew, each with their story, and each with their experience. I love stories untold.image1 (8)image2 (2)

We climbed back down and headed to the rainforest. While we had many for company to the lighthouse, we were alone on this trail, and it was mind-blowing! To be honest, it was slightly hard because we ascended and descended a small hill and I have no idea who they made those steps for. Not for the ones of average height, I’ll say that. The trees too, gigantic; one even had scales on them, scales! There was life growing in front of my eyes, all around me, it was the most amazed I’ve felt and at the same time I remember feeling so small, so terribly small. If I got lost there, it wouldn’t matter. The trees would continue to don a new shade of green, the bugs would continue to do whatever it is they do, and the mushrooms would continue to mushroom. I didn’t matter, and I loved it.

I’ve tried to capture it all for you, but you know how they say pictures don’t do justice to some views? This was one. And it wasn’t just the vision of it all, it was the energy, the purity, and the serene greenery. I know I’ve said this before, but if you’re on vacation and have the opportunity to do something that takes you close to nature, just do it. That feeling of oneness is unexplainable and it’s such a strong reminder of your insignificance on this planet.

image1 (9)image3 (1)image4image5

Every now and then I would feel a surge of excitement because I couldn’t wait to tell my dad what we saw that day. Quite silly really because my dad is not one who is easily impressed, and he didn’t disappoint either as I animatedly explained to him the trees and plants. He looked at me with pity, poor child is so easily impressed he must’ve thought. Better this than that I say.

I started my series on Koh Lanta talking about the intriguingly named B&B we stayed at – Old Man and the Sea, and today, months after that vacation ended I think I finally understand why it was so called. Relationships and connections. That’s what it’s about – the book, the B&B, the people, the town, my stories, your stories, my life, and yours.

We ended that day, and our vacation with a meal at Old Town. I felt satisfied knowing I had made enough memories to hold onto, until I found my way back to Thailand. I love so much about this country, mostly the way it all comes together – like a neatly wrapped present all-round the year. I’m going back to Thailand in a week (!) and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.


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