(Post 6) Love for Sanity – An Introduction

When I started out writing this blog, I’m not sure what I expected as a response, but it has been simply overwhelming. I mean, I honestly didn’t think so many people would care about what I had to say and I have to say it feels nice – like a comforting warmth in my stomach, I feel so happy.

Many of you I’ve never met but you took the time to write in and I am so grateful that you did. Did you know people from ten different countries read my blog? I am ecstatic because I finally feel the world to be small. We’re more connected than we imagine, not through technology, but through our thoughts and interests. Isn’t that more important?

In your messages, many of you told me about yourselves, and I feel it’s only fair that I do the same. I will attempt not to bore you.

I started this blog because I wanted so very much to express my memories; I feel that as we open ourselves to more and diverse adventures, the realest sensation of some of them (might) diminish. It seems only natural, but I wanted to preserve some stories, and mostly I wanted to just relive those days because, why not. You’ll see that most of my stories aren’t anything out of the ordinary, and over the years I’ve realized that those are the stories that matter – the ones that include everyday people, everyday places, everyday scenes, and everyday events, because that is life; and say what you will, we are blessed to be able to live out this one. Also because your everyday is very different from mine.

Here’s mine –my family (dogs – Bella and Mufasa included) and I live in the center of Bangalore city and fully aware of the debate this is going to raise I’ll say it anyway – the coolest city in India – not just weather wise although that’s a big plus. Our dogs are both rescued and we are currently fostering a third dog, Luna who is unable to walk, but just for now. The vets, and we, believe that with the right treatment, she will be able to walk in a few weeks or months. We’re in no hurry, she can take her time.


I’ve travelled some miles over the years and I want to bring some of my favorite stories from those trips, to you. Like the one time I thought it was a good idea to visit Budapest alone and then I got lost. Turns out it was actually a great idea. And what it feels like to indulge in hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream, and sit for hours on a bench bang in the center of Keukenhof  – all guilt free. And how it doesn’t matter how many times someone like me goes scuba diving, it’s still in equal parts, terrifying and exhilarating. Reminiscing, it dawns on me that I live a simple life – I write for a living, travel for adventure, and love for sanity.

By the end of last year, I had plans for 2018. But then I quit my job, and life reminded me over and over again, that some things are better left unplanned. So, what I will also do, is travel aplenty this year, and hope that with my stories, I can take you along wherever I go. Because that’s the thing about storytelling – it transcends time and place becoming the currency of human contact. And what are we if not our stories?

We’re leaving to Thailand (yes, again) in a few hours and I will bring you more from there.

Until then.


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  1. Ansi says:

    being with you in your blog and on your journeys feels like breathing cool, fresh, pale blue air into my mind. Thoroughly enjoy your approach.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anushree Thammanna says:

      Thank you ❤️🤗


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